We are looking for volunteers!


Volunteers NeededWe are looking for volunteers to help us!  Over the next six month will prepare and organise the 3rd edition of Startup Weekend.

If you have a couple of hours, weeks or even months to spend on this exciting adventure with us, have a look at what kind of volunteer jobs we offer, for 3-5 volunteers.

Graphic Designer –  supports our online and offline media campaigning especially (logo, banners, newsletters, flyers etc.)

Web Design / Development – adjustments to our website, plus a new one from sctrach. We use wordpress.

Photographer – 3 full days in may, during the event, and 2 times/ week in march – april

Community outreach / PR  – get out and spread the word :)

Why volunteer?

  • Give something back to your community or society
  • Gain valuable training and experience which may lead to paid employment
  • Make use of special interests and talents
  • Learn new skills and/or develop new interests
  • Meet new people with similar interests
  • Find out more about an area of work you are considering as a career
  • Have a chance to take some responsibility and make decisions
Be an active citizen
Make a difference

Do you want to join and help us out? You can apply by filling out a Volunteer Application Form here.