Startup Weekend Mures Prizes

So…who are the winners this time?

Hi there everyone!  The party is now over .We know we always say this, but boy oh boy is it SOOOO hard to choose the winners each fortnight. The level of work is amazing. It is near impossible to pick just a few entries as winners. All of us find it VERY VERY hard and hope that you do not get discouraged and continue to join us in future challenges!

1st – RezerveON 


Building an online platform for finding and booking places for your events.

Platforms: Web, Android
Languages: Java, PHP, JavaScript
Social Integration: Facebook
Technologies: CakePHP, Twitter bootstrap
Vertical / Market: Consumer Interest
2nd – REME

LOGO We all have annoying friends that keep forgetting to do stuff you asked them to do. We are building an app that reminds your acquaintance to do what you asked them at the time, you need them, to do it. That way everyone is happy and saves both parties lots of time.
Platforms: Windows Phone, Blackberry, web, Android, iOS
Languages: HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, CSS
Social Integration: OAuth, google+, LinkedIn, Facebook
Technologies: Symfony, Jquery, node.js, MySQL
Vertical / Marke: Communication, Notifications & Alerts, Personal Productivity, Social

3rd Spoilerzone

10366078_252430534961493_7133359076062877136_nWe are building a tv-show platform for open discussions and reviews with spoilers; also we will connect t to a mobile app for real time tv-show discussions (second screen).
Platforms: web, Android, iOS
Languages: ruby, HTML5, PHP, CSS
Cloud Hosting: Amazon web services, Google App Engine
Social Integration: Google+, Facebook, Twitter
Vertical / Market: Media

Best Tech – Rezervon
Best Design – Mr. Fixee
Most Fun – Spoilerzone

We hope you are all having a fun time, just as we all are.CONGRATULATIONS to all of you! We will contact you claim your prizes.