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Final round of Startup Weekend Mures 2nd edition


In the final round we have 9 teams. Here it is a short description of each one.

OSG: An online RPG game that lets users create their own character and items according to their own imagination
Platforms: Windows 8, Android, iOS
Languages: HTML5, JavaScript
Cloud Hosting: Amazon web services
Social Integration: Facebook
Vertical / Market: Games

Go On Trip: With Go On Trip you can share you’re traveling experience with other users. You can post the routes that you explore, recommend to other users places to visit.
Platforms: Web, Android, iOS
Languages: Ruby, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS
Technologies: Google maps, Ruby on Rails
Vertical / Market: Lifestyle, Social

REME: We all have annoying friends that keep forgetting to do stuff you asked them to do. We are building an app that reminds your acquaintance to do what you asked them at the time, you need them, to do it. That way everyone is happy and saves both parties lots of time.
URL: easyreme.co
Platforms: Windows Phone, Blackberry, web, Android, iOS
Languages: HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, CSS
Social Integration: OAuth, google+, LinkedIn, Facebook
Technologies: Symfony, Jquery, node.js, MySQL
Vertical / Marke: Communication, Notifications & Alerts, Personal Productivity, Social

Mesterul: Online platform of services based on refferrals
URL: www.mrfixee.co
Platforms: Web
Languages: PHP
Social Integration: Facebook
Technologies: Google maps, Twitter bootstrap, Drupal
Vertical / Market: Lead Generation, Customer Service, E-Commerce, Advertising

10366078_252430534961493_7133359076062877136_nFandom World: We are building a tv-show platform for open discussions and reviews with spoilers; also we will connect t to a mobile app for real time tv-show discussions (second screen).
URL: www.spoilerzone.co
Platforms: web, Android, iOS
Languages: ruby, HTML5, PHP, CSS
Cloud Hosting: Amazon web services, Google App Engine
Social Integration: Google+, Facebook, Twitter
Vertical / Market: Media

SURE: Sharing user experiences and emotions.
Platforms: Web, Android, iOS
Languages: Objective-C, C++, PHP, JavaScript
Social Integration: Facebook, Twitter
Vertical / Market: Non-Profit

rezervonRezerveON: Building an online platform for finding and booking places for your events.
URL: www.rezervon.ro
Platforms: Web, Android
Languages: Java, PHP, JavaScript
Social Integration: Facebook
Technologies: CakePHP, Twitter bootstrap
Vertical / Market: Consumer Interest

OCOnyx Communities 
We are the creators of an online communities website with high privacy groups for specific interests and offline events. Onyx Communities are the perfect solutions for you to engage with people with the same interest as you have. High privacy communities, low profile events to grant you a great experience. Meet new people with the same interest, take part in user organized events. Onyx Communities, the perfect way to live your private life online and offline.
URL: https://www.facebook.com/onyxcommunities
Platforms: Web
Languages: HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, CSS
Social Integration: Facebook
Vertical / Market: Lifestyle, Social